7 Ultimate Reading Lists for Serious Gamblers

Blog Post - 7 Ultimate Reading Lists for Serious Gamblers

You probably ask why you should read these reading lists for serious gamblers when all that you want is to play. After all, gambling is all about luck. Reading books about gambling and casinos will only waste your time.

However, although winning on a gamble takes much luck, it does not mean that you should not develop a plan. Some casino games, such as blackjack, requires strategies to increase your chances of winning. Learning information is essential, especially if you think of yourself as a serious gambler.

Here are the lists of books for you to read.

The Man With the Golden Arm by Nelson Algren

It tells about the story of a former dealer and addict who wanted to start his life in a clean slate after freeing from prison. However, people with a negative influence on him from his past started pestering him to encourage him to go back to his old habit.

The Biggest Game in Town by Al Alvarez

This book is one of the non-fiction reading lists for serious gamblers. It recounts Al Alvarez's journey to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in 1981. In this book, you will find out the tricks used by the masters for gambling and the way amateurs play.

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

This book is the inspiration for the Casino Royale James Bond movie. The story is about the way the protagonist James Bond stopped a gambler named Le Chiffre from cheating in Baccarat at the place called Casino Royale.

Aside from the beautiful story, it will also provide you with some information about Baccarat.

Bringing Down the House by Ben Mezrich

The complete title is Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions. As the title states, the story revolves around the MIT students who knew how to bring down the house through card counting. In this book, you will learn how they did it, and you will also find out the challenges that they had to face.

Casino by Nicholas Pileggi

Nicholas Pileggi is a real person. Therefore, it is a non-fiction book that takes the life of Nicholas Pileggi into account. This guy is a journalist who talked about the mafia, its associations, and its control over casinos.

Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling by David G Schwartz

This book is an exciting read. If you are a serious gamer, you should know the history of gambling. You do not have to worry because it will not bore you out as your history teacher does.

American Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning Ways by Andrew Brisman

From the title itself, you know that this book can teach you the winning ways of the casino. It provides you the game information, its operation, and tricks to improve your chances of winning.

If you are a bookworm, you can add more. If not, you can start on these reading lists for serious gamblers.

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